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“Greengoer” is one of the programmes under “Student Environmental Protection Leader Training Scheme (SEPLS) 2017/18”. With the initiative and support from Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC), ecobus organizes this 10-month environmental leadership training scheme which is dedicated to tertiary students. Greengoer aims to foster global citizenship among tertiary students and to train them to be future leaders with visions in environmental conservation and sustainable development. Around 40 tertiary students who are concerned about the environment will be selected. Participants will receive extensive trainings including workshops, seminars, field visits and a training camp in order to equip themselves with relevant knowledge and experience. Later, participants will organize green activities with secondary school teachers and students themed as “Green Community Actions” (GCAs) and will be guided by research supervisors to conduct socio-environmental research project.


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From this scheme, you will be able to:

  • Enhance environmental knowledge and understanding of role of different stakeholders through extensive training
  • Gain opportunity to initiate and organize innovative “Green Community Actions” with secondary schools
  • Acquire hands-on experience in planning and implementing environmental activities
  • Have a chance to talk to and exchange ideas about the environment with officials from Environment Bureau, HKSAR Government
  • Exchange ideas with mentors from different areas of environmental protection/ conservation through the mentorship programme



  • 獲得一連串訓練,以提對環境知識及對不同持份者角色的理解
  • 有機會與中學合作策劃及舉辦創新的綠色社區行動
  • 得到組織和推廣環保活動的經驗
  • 與環境局決策官員會面,交流有關環保的政策及心得
  • 透過師友計劃與不同環保領域的導師交流



  • Participants with at least 80% attendance and successful completion of the scheme will be awarded a certificate from ECC
  • Three environmental leaders with outstanding performance will be awarded to join an overseas field trip to Nepal in Summer 2018, to study their biodiversity and conservation measures
  • Green Gift Voucher of $2500 will be awarded to the winning groups of “Most Impactful Research Award” and “Most Engaging Green Community Actions”


  • 出席率達八成以上及成功完成計劃的參加者,可獲得由環境運動委員會頒發的嘉許證書
  • 三名表現出色的環境領袖,將於2018年暑假與ecobus生態巴士代表一同前往尼泊爾考察,研習其生物多樣性和保育政策
  • 設有「最具影響力研究獎」及「最優秀綠色社區行動獎」,每個獎項的得獎的小組將獲得$2500綠色禮券


Training Programme (Tentative)

Date Time Content Venue
7 Oct 2017 (Sat) Night Briefing University
15 Oct 2017 (Sun) 9:00 – 18:00 Training day camp TBC
4 Nov 2017 (Sat)
Training workshop
11 Nov 2017 (Sat) Guest Lecture I
18 Nov 2017 (Sat) Guest Lecture II
25 Nov 2017 (Sat) Guest Lecture III
Nov – Dec 2017 TBC Technical visit TBC
Nov 2017 – Apr 2018 Socio-environmental Research Programme
Dec 2017 – Apr 2018 1. Preparation and liaison with relevant secondary schools
2. Green Community Actions in Practice
Jan – Apr 2018 Mentorship Programme
13 Jan 2018 (Sat) Night Progress sharing session I
23 Jan 2018 (Tue) 19:30 – 21:30 Exchange with government officials
10 Feb 2018 (Sat) Night Progress sharing session II
18 Mar 2018 (Sun) Afternoon Green Community Fair TBC
7 Apr 2018 (Sat) Night Progress sharing session III
22 Apr 2018 (Sun) TBC Symposium and Exhibition

訓練計劃 (暫定)

日期 時間 內容 地點
2017年10月7日 (六) 晚上 簡介會 大學
2017年10月15日 (日) 9:00 – 18:00 訓練日營 待定
2017年11月4日 (六)
2017年11月11日 (六) 第一次講座
2017年11月18日 (六) 第二次講座
2017年11月25日 (六) 第三次講座
2017年11月至12月 待定 考察 待定
2017年11月至2018年4月 環境及社會研究
2017年12月至2018年4月 1. 與相關中學面談及準備工作
2. 社區環保活動
2018年1月至4月 師友計劃
2018年1月13日 (六) 晚上 第一次進度報告會
2018年1月23日 (二) 19:30 – 21:30 政府官員交流會
2018年2月10日 (六) 晚上 第二次進度報告會
2018年3月18日 (日) 下午 社區環保嘉年華 待定
2018年4月7日 (六) 晚上 第三次進度報告會
2018年4月22日 (日) 待定 研討會與展覽

Guest Speaker 講座嘉賓

  • Mr. CHONG Chan Yau, MBE Board Chairman, Carbon Care Asia Limited
    低碳亞洲有限公司董事會主席  莊陳有先生 MBE
  • Mr. Jor FAN Environmental Sustainability Manager, Estates Management Office, CUHK
    Vice Chairman, The Conservancy Association
    香港中文大學物業管理處可持續發展經理  長春社副主席  范佐政先生
  • Ms. Teresa LEUNG Manager, The Hong Kong Countryside Foundation
    香港鄉郊基金經理  梁秀媚女士

Exchange with Government Officials – Guest  政府官員交流會 – 嘉賓

  • officials from Environment Bureau, HKSAR Government
  • 環境局決策官員


Green Community Actions (GCAs) 綠色社區行動

  • Participants will organize green activities with secondary school teachers and students themed as “Green Community Actions” (GCAs). Through the GCAs, knowledge and vision about environmental protection can be relayed from the tertiary students to the secondary students, and lays the basis for students’ passion and future contribution to the field.
  • 參加者將與中學老師及學生合作策劃以「綠色社區行動」為主題的活動。參與計劃的中學生亦可從受訓大專學生身上學到有關環保的知識及汲取活動經驗,提升其對環境議題的關注


Socio-environmental Research Programme 環境及社會研究

  • Participants will be guided by research supervisors to conduct a small-scale socio-environmental research project to investigate local environmental issues. They will share the results with public during Green Community Fair and Symposium.
  • 參加者在專業的研究導師的指導下,設計及進行小型的環境及社會研究,探討本地環保議題,並於社區環保嘉年華和研討會與公眾分享成果


Mentorship Programme 師友計劃

  • Through interacting with mentors from different areas in the field of environment, participants are able to enhance their understanding of environmental works
  • 參加者透過與投身於不同環保領域的人士接觸和交流,提升對環保工作的了解

Application and Fee 報名方法及費用

  • Online application ( is open until 10 Sep 2017 (Sun) 17:00. Shortlisted candidate will be invited for an interview, which will be arranged on weekday evenings from 18 to 22 Sept 2017. Successful participants are required to pay a deposit of HK$500.  Deposits will be refunded upon successful completion of the training scheme with at least 80% attendance.
  • 由即日起至2017年9月10日(星期日)下午5時期間,大專院校學生可於網上提交申請(。參加者經遴選後將獲邀參加面試,面試將會安排在2017年9月18至22日晚上進行。獲取錄的參加者需繳付港幣五百元按金。參加者需成功完成訓練計劃,而出席率達八成或以上,按金將獲全額退還

Inquiry 查詢

  • For any inquiry, please feel free to contact via email ( or phone (51739558)
  • 如有查詢,請電郵至或致電51739558
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