Greengoers 2015/16

Greengoer 為「學生環境領袖訓練計劃2015/16」的其中一個項目,由環境運動委員會發起及支持,ecobus生態巴士策劃及主辦。此計劃的目的是培養大專學生作為地球公民的意識,並訓練他們成為以環境保育與可持續發展為願景的領導者。

Greengoer is one of the programmes under “Student Environmental Protection Leader Training Scheme (SEPLS) 2015/16”. Greengoer aims to foster global citizenship among tertiary students and to train them to be future leaders with visions in environmental conservation and sustainable development.



Around 40 tertiary students who are concerned about the environment have been selected to attend extensive training including workshops, seminars, field visits and a training camp in order to equip themselves with relevant knowledge and experience.  After that, they have organized a series of green activities with secondary school teachers in order to enhance our next generation’s awareness of environmental protection.

In this exhibition, there are four main topics.  The first exhibition booth aims at showing the new “green ideas” generated by Greengoers in the activities.  The remaining three booths are corresponding to three themes: Urban, Nature & Farm, which are three different kinds of land use in Hong Kong.  Indeed, environmental problem always accompany human activities.  Here, Greengoers is trying to reveals the environmental problem that we are facing to in different situation.


Greengoer 畢業展覽及畢業禮 Graduation Exhibition cum Ceremony